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Growing Your Own Cannabis? Follow These Tips To Increase Your Yield

As more states in the US are becoming tolerant towards marijuana and legalizing its medical or recreational use. The number of people consuming marijuana has also increased. In fact, the US lands on one of the top spots in the list of maximum users. With such a high number of consumers, the marijuana industry is trying its best to revolutionize the user experience. Especially for patients. Now people can have their 420 evaluations online without leaving their homes. They can even start doorstep deliveries of cannabis. And if people need more convenience, they can even grow their own cannabis. Most people find growing their own cannabis plant to be more discreet and more advantageous. Here’s why. You are always stocked. You can grow it indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to worry about the quality. It saves you money in the long run. And the best part? You can control your harvest. What I mean by this is that whether you have one or six plants. You can actually take steps to increase your yield. So if you wish to know how to do that. Then keep reading to find out. How can you increase your cannabis yield? Feeding the plant The first step towards having a healthy marijuana plant is feeding it right. While outdoor plants get most of their nourishment from nature. Indoor plants may need more attention and care. Cannabis plants have certain conditions that must be followed to make sure that your buds are healthy and potent. And if you wish to increase your yield. You’ll have to be more careful with what, how and when you feed your plants. Nutrients If you are hoping to have bigger buds this time. Focus on the nutrition of your plants. This includes water and soil. First, make sure that the pH of your water is well within 6.0 and 7.0. This is important for the plant to be able to easily absorb all the nutrients from the soil. And not have any sort of deficiencies. Second, you must feed the plant according to the stage it is is in. For example, the vegetative state requires more nitrogen and less potassium. Whereas the flowering stage requires less nitrogen and more potassium. A fault in either the nutrient levels or the timing of feed. Can cause nutrient burn and also hamper the growth of your plant. Light For indoor marijuana plants, grow lights are very important. The amount of light can significantly determine your amount of harvest. However, make sure that you do not overexpose the plants to the light. .as it can cause heat burn. The morphology of your plant can change with the light spectrums. Also, for HPS lights. The number of watts is directly proportional to your yield. So, for a 400-watt HPS light, you can have 14 oz of yield. Provided that you keep a check on other important factors as well. Maintaining the plant After you have managed to give your plant the right nutrition. Shift onto its maintenance. You must focus on the way your plant grows and make the necessary changes in order to have a high yield. Pruning Pruning helps clear out the plant and let the nutrition flow to the parts that can develop healthier. To let this happen you must cut out the branches, leaves and buds that are either to low to receive light or are dying. This helps you direct the plant’s energy to those parts which are at the top and healthier. Size of container If you are growing you plant indoors. Then you probably have a container for your plant. Now one of the most important steps that you must not miss out on is transplanting your plant into a larger container. Everyone grows and so does your plant. It will need to spread its roots for more nutrition. And a smaller space will only restrict this growth. So remember to shift them into a larger pot for a better yield. Training Training your plants can actually increase your yield by 40 percent. This method focuses on creating more top colas, so they receive more light and yield more. The most common and basic type of training is bending. You can slightly bend the tall leaves or the stem in its seedling stage to allow for the plant to grow many colas. Final thoughts Overall, you must be able to keep your plant in the right conditions. So when it comes to caring for the plant, stay in the middle. Where you are neither crossing the line nor staying under the optimal level. So, if you wish to have bigger and better buds. Just follow these tips, keep a check on the progress and most important of all. Be patient.

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